Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten Months, Swallow Study, and Surgeon Visit

Wow! I cannot believe Cannon turned 10 months today. It depends on what part of the past 10 months I am thinking about at the moment as to whether it seems like it went by fast or slow. It's been quite a roller coaster ride since Cannon decided to make his appearance but I can't imagine where our lives would be without this little boy.
Yesterday we made another trip to ACH. Cannon's surgeon wanted him to have a swallow study so we could see how his esophagus was looking. It still looked exactly the same as the very first one that he had seven days after his repair surgery. This is fantastic news. There is only the slightest narrowing at the surgery site that you really have to look for. His surgeon did a beautiful job repairing him. We could not be more appreciative. We are all so pleased with this and still have hopes that he will never have any narrowing and possibly never need a dilation. His tummy is still healing from his g tube site getting closed up on dec 19, 2011. A couple of weeks ago I discovered there was still a stitch just below the surface of his skin that had not dissolved and was keeping the site red and irritated. Dr. Maxson looked at it yesterday and said it should dissolve but when the scab comes off after his baths to put a little peroxide on it to help dissolve it. So not a big deal there. He also said that we have no follow up appointments with him for 2 years and will only see us when we call to come get something removed from his esophagus (I.e. Food, or whatever else a toddler can think of to put in his mouth) as children with EA/TEF tend to get things stuck quite a bit. I've read that some parents have had to take their kids in to get a couple pennies removed or a sticker. So we will see what it'll be with Cannon someday.
After his appointments we took him downtown to see my sister at work. She works at the Old State House Museum. It's so neat there. She had a blast getting to see Cannon and he went on his very first tour (although a quick tour) of the museum. He took it all in! My brother works right across the street from her and was able to walk over for a little bit to see us. And we also had a little photo shoot outside the museum and by Lady Baxter (the old cannon outside the museum). We have decided we will have Cannon take pictures by the cannon each time we can go see Brooke at work. Should be some fun pictures to see and take over the years. Haha!
Just as a side note....I'm writing this blog from my phone and it seems to be showing the pictures I'm adding in a different order than what I chose them in. Not sure why and not sure how to correct it. Oh well. Some are from the visit to Brooke at the museum and the others are just ones I like. And yes the sign says please do not sit on cannon. Haha! Brooke sent me a picture of this sign while Cannon was still in the NICU. I wanted to get a print out of it and tape it to his isolette as a joke but never got around to it. I guess instead we will just have to take his picture next to the sign as he grows up! Haha!
Until next time...
Christian, Trent, and Cannon

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